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Synopsys TCAD at IEDM 2018

Please join Synopsys TCAD for an evening reception during IEDM 2018!

CATS News, Summer 2014

In June 2014 we released the latest version of CATS: J-2014.06. In this issue, we discuss the features and benefits of the new release.

Sentaurus Device

Advanced multi-dimensional (1D/2D/3D) device simulator

Synopsys Silicon Engineering Solutions

Silicon Manufacturing Down to 5nm & Below

Frenzy At 10/7nm

Sep 14, 2017 - Focus is on cutting costs across the board, and it turns out there is still quite a bit to cut.


Next-generation CAD navigation standard for failure analysis, design debug and low-yield analysis


Most advanced and full featured mask data preparation (MDP) software available for semiconductor photomask manufacturing

IC WorkBench Edit/View Plus

Powerful, hierarchical layout visualization and analysis tool, which allows viewing and editing GDSII and OASIS layouts from small IP blocks to full chip databases


Odyssey is a production-centric yield management solution for wafer manufacturing


Proteus provides a comprehensive and powerful environment for performing full-chip proximity correction, building models for correction, and analyzing proximity effects on corrected and uncorrected...