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Sentaurus Lithography

Sentaurus Lithography represents advanced modeling for semiconductor device manufacturing process development and optimization, covering a wide-range of applications in optical, immersion, EUV, and...

Sentaurus Lithography PWA

Sentaurus Lithography process window analyzer (PWA) is a comprehensive and powerful tool for visualizing and analyzing simulation results or experimental data, for example, obtained by critical ...

Sentaurus TCAD

Sentaurus is a suite of TCAD tools which simulates the fabrication, operation and reliability of semiconductor devices.

Stress Engineering Services

Synopsys TCAD Services offers a range of services to address device optimization and process integration issues in stress engineering, including adding mechanical stress and advanced classical or ...


Layout visualizing and signal tracing CAD navigation solution for PCB, multi-chip module (MCM) and stacked die applications.

TCAD Services

Synopsys TCAD Services targets the optimization of processes and devices using TCAD tools and the investigation of technology development and manufacturing issues using process and device modeling ...

Yield Explorer

Design-centric yield management for product engineering

Yield Manager

Customizable yield-management software that helps achieve and maintain high yields by allowing engineers to quickly collect, correlate, analyze and share critical data.