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DTCO: Screening and Selection of New Interconnect Metals with QuantumATK

Apr 5, 2019 - In the context of DTCO, new interconnect metals not only offer the promise of reduced parasitic loading in the MOL but also enable the integration of new scaling boosters such as ...

Synopsys DTCO Flow: Technology Development

Feb 1, 2019 - DTCO can be aptly described as a software-based methodology for developing new semiconductor process nodes with a holistic consideration of how technology elements impact circuit ...

Frenzy At 10/7nm

Sep 14, 2017 - Focus is on cutting costs across the board, and it turns out there is still quite a bit to cut.

What Happened To Inverse Lithography?

Oct 20, 2016 - Technology resurges as industry pushes to 7nm and 5nm.