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Synopsys DTCO Flow: Technology Development

Feb 1, 2019 - DTCO can be aptly described as a software-based methodology for developing new semiconductor process nodes with a holistic consideration of how technology elements impact circuit ...


Industry’s highest performance solution for mask rule check and pattern matching


Most advanced and full featured mask data preparation (MDP) software available for semiconductor photomask manufacturing

CATS News, Summer 2017

This edition of CATS News addresses the mask manufacturing community's stress to deliver high-quality masks for sub-10nm technology nodes while, at the same time, maintaining very high mask ...

Synopsys Silicon Engineering Solutions

Mask Synthesis, Mask Data Preparation, TCAD, Yield Management, Atomistic Scale Modeling

Mask Data Preparation | Synopsys

Mask manufacturing excellence, Mask Data Preparation, MDP, CATS

Computer Aided Transcription System Software (CATS) | Synopsys

Technology leading mask data preparation

Computer Aided Transcription System (CATS) Proximity Effect Correction | ...

Correction of E-beam and optical proximity effects

Computer Aided Transcription System (CATS) Jobdeck Operations | Synopsys

Powerful and highly interactive mask and pattern support