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TCAD News, Winter 2019

In this edition, learn about a Sentaurus TCAD methodology for simulating the electrical characteristics of the polysilicon channel in 3D NAND, and also the exploration of 2D-material FETs, emerging...

TCAD News, Winter 2017

This edition of TCAD News has a special significance because it highlights the products from our recent acquisition of QuantumWise.

CATS News, Summer 2017

This edition of CATS News addresses the mask manufacturing community's stress to deliver high-quality masks for sub-10nm technology nodes while, at the same time, maintaining very high mask ...

TCAD News, Winter 2016

In this edition, learn about Synopsys solutions for the development of advanced logic process nodes and NBTI modeling in Sentaurus Device.

CATS News, Fall 2015

Mask manufacturing at technology nodes below 20nm presents new challenges for mask lithography and verification. Release K-2015.09 of CATS breaks new ground in addressing these challenges.

TCAD News, Summer 2015

This edition covers the K-2015.06 release of Sentaurus.

TCAD News, Fall 2014

Welcome to the September 2014 edition of TCAD News. While 14nm FinFET is close to mass production, the development of 10 and 7nm nodes is well underway. The J-2014.09 release of TCAD Sentaurus ...

CATS News, Summer 2014

In June 2014 we released the latest version of CATS: J-2014.06. In this issue, we discuss the features and benefits of the new release.

TCAD News, Winter 2013

This is the IEDM 2013 edition of the TCAD News. In this issue, we provide an overview of Sentaurus I-2013.12 with new features and models to support the development of the latest technologies for ...

TCAD News, Spring 2013

In this edition we present the new features and enhancements in the H-2013.03 release of TCAD Sentaurus, which includes a number of important new and updated features addressing the modeling ...